Another Snap election call- Ukraine

President Viktor Yushchenko of Ukraine has dissolved the Ukrainian  parliament weeks after the collapse of the country’s ruling pro-Western coalition.  Mr Yushchenko announced Ukraine’s third general election in less than three years in a pre-recorded speech on TV. The polls will be held on 7 December. Yushchenko’s party, which is seeking closer ties with the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, quit the coalition on Sept. 3 after its former ally Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko teamed up with the pro-Russian opposition to strip the president of some powers. Yushchenko and Timoshenko joined forces four years ago to win the 2004 election in the bloodless Orange Revolution. After a split in 2005, the two reunited before last year’s vote. Since then, Yushchenko and Timoshenko have been locked in a battle over how to tackle Europe’s fastest inflation rate, sell state assets and how to spend budget.  “Early elections are not likely to bring political stability,”   “Tensions between the parliament and the president are likely to continue” as “the pro-presidential party may gather even fewer votes than predicted, as the population is clearly dissatisfied with the frequent elections. Yushchenko is thus likely to face, after elections, parties he has already had a lot of difficulties working with.”  Ukraine’s inflation rate, driven by global food and energy costs and exacerbated in Ukraine by government spending, rose to 24.3 percent in August. The annual rate almost tripled in a year to 31.1 percent in May, prompting Standard & Poor’s to cut the country’s credit rating.  Ukraine’s hryvnia fell 18 percent in the past month as the country’s ruling coalition collapsed and debt markets seized up.  “The early elections are clearly negative for the economy. They may further undermine economic fundamentals,” . “The country is in a very precarious economic situation. The economy is expected to slow sharply, while consumer price inflation should remain high.”
Really now! How is that the rather still dumb it seems politicians, who think turn a blind eye to the problems the citizens have, by calling a snap election in Canada, Ukraine, elsewhere now  will help next them, or the citizens?