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Now like I said this is your  warning..  you can do anything you want.. but I too next  thus also will post your name  the name of your firm on internet also for the whole world to see how you do harass me falsely.. and I will rightfully tell them all too how you tried to blackmail me  to get your deserved  payments…  but  I have no responsibility in the matter so as requested do please  stop contacting me.. Contact the guilty party, Contact your lawyers, go to court.. no more emails or phone calls or any threats to me..
I have an Bachelor of engineering degree, Concordia University , Montreal 1968, and I had worked as a ReMax Realtor.  AS A PAST CONTRACT MANAGER, PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER, I AM VERY FAMILIAR WITH  QUEBEC CONTRACT LAWS, AND CONSUMER RIGHTS and I have also written about it.. .
I have dealt successfully with major corporations already in such matters too..
Be advised that I dispute the alleged debt to me and I rather rightfully do suggest you take the matter to court with  the guilty party, which is not me. Pursuant to the Collection Agencies Act, R.R.O. 1990, REGULATION 74, you must immediately cease and desist from ALL contact and attempt to contact me,  You clearly have made an error in judgment that I do work for you, have to obey you, have to deal with you and you do not, however, have the right to break the laws, threaten or harass me in your attempts to get your  due invoice paid. I AM VERY FAMILIAR WITH   CONTRACT LAWS, AND CONSUMER RIGHTS . You cannot continue to call me  or send your letters, emails   to me as I am   not the person you should be dealing with for your payment. And the use  of hounding harassment, intimidation and fear mongering,  bullying’s, tricks,   scare tactics,  or harassing  to try to force anyone  to pay the debt is still illegal..  Note harassment is “engaging in vexatious conduct and comment that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome.” Human Rights Code, R.S.O. 1990  Canadian laws, such as the Collection Agencies Act, do still have standards and limitations that all  collection agents, firms  must follow when dealing with anyone .  I do not have to deal with you , unless ordered to do so by a court and still there is no guarantee that you  will win if you  sue me and getting me  to court is costly and could take   years. In fact you cannot insist on anything! If I  do  feel I AM   being harassed  I CAN call and file a complaint with the police, also now contact the internet firm, the   telephone company about the harassment. As well, I can  complain also to the the Consumer Protection Branch of the Ministry of Consumer Services. I personally do not owe you any money. By Canadian  laws, you are supposed to immediately stop calling me, and not contact you at all when I have  send you a letter disputing the debt and I suggest that you  take me to court or rather the guilty party which is not me.. Your abuse of the laws may also net you  not just bad publicity but a large fine and even loss of your  operating license, and give me  evidence to contact the Police or to expose you for your false harassment.  “The laws are in place for a reason,”  “They are to protect citizens, consumers from abusive practices.” In addition all  further  threats   are also illegal and  are also banned under the law if you have been told to  go to court.. Do see Quebec-Les comptes en souffrances
Also the Court has slammed Bell TV for ‘reprehensible’ violation of customer’s privacy rights The Federal Court of Canada has awarded a Nova Scotia man $21,000 in damages after a judge ruled Bell TV had violated his privacy rights by checking his credit history without his permission, Judge Michael Phelan said Bell TV’s conduct was “reprehensible.” Bell conducted an unauthorized credit check that hurt his credit score.
Keri Takefman I have been told that you have even recently refused to provide an invoice or a receipt for the work performed but you still want to be paid for the duct work.. Are you committing tax evasions?
Sent: Monday, November 04, 2013 10:26 AM
Subject: Accusé réception / Acknowledgement
La ministre des Travaux publics et des Services gouvernementaux accuse réception de votre envoi. Nous y accorderons toute l’attention voulue.
The Minister of Public Works and Government Services has received your correspondence. Please be assured it will be given every consideration.
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From: Ministre de la Justice Ministre de la Justice
Sent: Monday, November 04, 2013 10:40 AM
Subject: Rép. : Re 3431 MOUNT ROYAL MONTREAL H1X3H2 Subzidized Housing Canadian Slavic Association (Accusé de réception)
Nous accusons réception de votre courriel et vous remercions d’avoir communiqué avec le ministre de la Justice.
Nous vous assurons que votre demande sera traitée avec toute l’attention qu’elle mérite.
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Sent: Monday, November 04, 2013 10:40 AM
Subject: Accusé réception
Monsieur, Madame,
Nous accusons réception de votre courriel et nous vous en remercions.
Nous vous assurons que celui-ci sera traité avec diligence et que, si requis, une réponse vous parviendra dans les meilleurs délais.
Veuillez agréer, Monsieur, Madame, l’expression de nos sentiments les meilleurs.
J. Dionne
Cabinet de la ministre des Ressources naturelles
5700, 4e Avenue Ouest, bureau A-301
Québec (Québec)  G1H 6R1


Like I have too often still said
Vigilance, continual Vigilance is need in all areas of life it seems cause otherwise our rights are abused, overlooked, falsely censored even. Such as the ISP, Internet service providers  obligations to their customers, contractual agreements, On top of that there is no question that many major Internet corporations profit have also  been built on the back of free labor, the free contributors. Which they tend to no longer appreciated and restrict falsely access to many of these sites now instead. Ever discover that while the main search engines will readily give you a list of sites, that you may next have difficulties accessing many of these sites next ands why is that? The access and the speed aren’t too bad but still only during  certain, limited  portions of day  or night.  Such internet  traffic management is really really unacceptable. For if they were to invest in newer, better infrastructure to raise capacity, they would even get more customers. It’s much, much cheaper to throttle torrent traffic or do nothing than it is to expand the overused, obsolete infrastructure.  If even Microsoft,  corporations, companies & governments are distributing more and more  content through the internet then all of the ISPs have to keep up to date and increase their capacity in response. Other countries are embracing this, and have brighter economic futures & control, profitability, consumer satisfactions  as well.

72 percent of businesses say they would change ISP if their Internet connection became unreliable. The independent research carried out by Shape the Future Limited on behalf of Zen Internet, the award winning ISP, surveyed over a 1,000 Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) between September and October. 

An important decisive factor for SMEs is the level of support provided by ISPs: 85 percent stated that the level of support was the most important criteria when choosing an ISP while the highest number of respondents, 80 per cent, considers UK based support to be very important. Some ISP providers have been criticised for taking telephone support overseas and cutting staffing costs.

Just over half of those asked, 55 per cent were happy with their current supplier and were unlikely to change, 45 percent are unhappy. and 68 per cent had not changed ISP in the last year but   13 per cent are considering changing ISP at present.  When they do, it’s mainly when there are issues with reliability, quality of service, cost or for higher speeds. It was found that 72 per cent of SMEs said they would change provider because of unreliable connection, but note only 40 per cent would change to save money.

98 per cent of SMEs consider reliable Internet access to be critical to the needs of their business. 71 per cent of SMEs thought it was important that their ISP was business orientated, as 80 per cent use the Web to locate suppliers and 76 per cent use it for purchasing activities.

Deceptive, unfair, restrictive Business trade practices by the ISP’s.
“A lawsuit filed against Apple and AT&T on November 4, 2008 charging misrepresentation of the 3G speed of the iPhone on AT&T’s network, has also been amended with an additional charge. The new charge claims the iPhone develops hairline cracks in the housing. Filed in the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, Avi Koschitzki claims in the amended charge that hairline cracks in the casing of the iPhone constitute unfair practices under the New York Deceptive Practices Act. Koschitzki said the cracks appear around the camera and near the volume button on the side of the iPhone.
The initial lawsuit claims that Apple and AT&T misrepresented the speed of the iPhone on AT&T’s 3G network. The suit claims insufficient infrastructure of the network and the fact that so many phones have been sold that it can’t handle the volume of phones trying to use it. “Due to the overloaded 3G network, it is quite common for iPhone users to only be on the 3G network for a few minutes before being bumped to the slower EDGE network despite being in geographical areas allegedly rich with 3G network coverage,” reads the lawsuit.
Now we all can know that driving a sports car on an empty road produces a different sped from that when driving on the same road during peak traffic hours.
Now this Mis-advertisement of the actual speeds attained  also reflects the common  problem we tend to  have also in Canada with the false, misleading advertising, trade practices by Bell, Rogers, Videotron in regard to the speeds of their iphone and DSL, ADSL, cable internet services. These Communication, ISP firms amongst others are known to inflate, advertise substantially higher speeds than the consumer will actual get next get on the average, and the  next related internet congestion cause web connectivity problems, and also reductions of the downloads speeds too..
Now what about having now the much need real consumer protections for the citizens of Canada here as well from the greedy, lying, no good corporations?

The lawsuit is seeking a jury trial where they are asking for statutory, compensatory and punitive damages.” 

Time for just more of our complaining, talking  over and over again is done, rather real actions is required now even by the governments to protect the consumers.

Useful website testing speed tools 

PS:The latest version of Java (Java 6 update 10) is a seriously flawed version of Java which causes numerous display and performance problems, some of which you may encounter

The only recommended way to resolve this problem is to temporarily revert to Java 6 update 7 until Sun Microsystems fix their problems. To do so you will need to uninstall Java 6 update 10 and then install update 7.

Please note that in the past older versions of Sun JAVA have been full of serious security flaws and I strongly recommend UNINSTALLING ALL PRIOR versions of SunJava thru add/Remove as well as OLD install folders PRIOR to this updated version – JUST AS A PRECAUTION –

UNLESS all the older versions are removed THERE STILL REMAINS THIS RISK.  The update doesn’t uninstall any old versions. You HAVE to go to the Control Panel and look in Add/remove programs and uninstall each one …keeping the latest, of course.

To uninstall update 10, open ‘Add/Remove Programs‘ in Control Panel (in Windows Vista this is called ‘Programs and Features‘) and remove the ‘Java(TM) 6 update 10‘ item.

Then install Update 7 from the links below.

JRE 6 Update 7 – Windows – 15.0MbJRE 6 Update 7 – Windows x64 – 13.7Mb


 I too have discovered often that while I personally do also have many blogs, internet sites, next my own accessibility to these sites is it seems unnecessary  restricted, difficult, and one of the main valid explanations as many of us already do know is the false periodic unacceptable capping, throttling, access restrictions,   by the ISP, internet Service Suppliers themselves. I too now do  have no sympathy for almost any of  ISPs. They firstly do still to often lie lie to get customers and next when they get them they cannot honor, keep their original promises, promised speeds and capacities  It’s one thing to gouge us all with continual increase rates but not to keep also same promised original service. No, no, no. ISPs are not only raising their rates but still also decreasing their services and the quality of it as well.