They don’t even know that they don’t know it

“You know, the verdict was hard to understand, but I  hadn’t  seen all the details — but it’s sad that race continues to play such  an emotional, divisive part of life.” George Bush


A lot of times.when people DON’T KNOW something they don’t just not know it but they don’t even know that they don’t  know it..


Guilty, tried and convicted outside of the courts tends to apply mainly for the ordinary citizens but not for police, public and civil servants, politicians..


Unarmed Eric Garner died at the age of 43 after being mobbed by a number of New York City police officers and specifically put in a choke hold by a police officer.


We need to have honest, peaceful debate over Ferguson and Eric Garner’s murder, and we need to remember there are the spin doctors who misdirect us by stating that the victim himself was responsibly for his own death, even by his resisting  arrest, by his own poor health, and by stating that there are hundreds of thousand of men and women who serve in law enforcement who also do die protecting us while in reality more citizens have been killed by the police over the number of  cops by bad guys too.


The reality is that hardened criminals and hardened policeman are an acceptable threat to anyone and both need to be equally prosecuted by the law.  It is necessary to get both of these type of bad people of the streets.


An unarmed White male in Orange TX., was shot and killed by a black police officer,decorated veteran Lance Cpl. James Whitehead (USMC) his family is still waiting for justice. The black shooter, Robert Arnold, was not in uniform and did not have  a badge when he shot Whitehead. He is now suing the city to get back on the police force. Then there’s Dillion Taylor of Salt Lake City Utah, another unarmed White male shot and killed by a hispanic police officer…


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I am a Canadian, retired and I do have an Engineering degree, from Concordia University , Montreal 1968, plus I had also now worked as a Re/Max Realtor in Calgary too. I follow Jesus, as per Matthew 2:37 The Old covenant from God is only to the Jews, Israel. Now I am very heatedly involved in both Christianity and politics as well and I am very popular for my Graphic sites. I have Pastored a Church or a few years and have dealt with many many politicians. I am a moderator on two Donald trump political sites on Google+ : Liberty Price, and PRESIDENT TRUMP My own most Popular face book sites are My own most Popular wordpress sites are Canadian Politics American Politics Christian Topics About the Messianic Jews Ocean City, New Jersey USA caribbean-cruise Google Plus I am also a Conversation starter, 1/ 45 most popular posters the last month President Donald J. Trump Supporters Group!

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