Unprofessionalism. And how often does it go on now too with others?

“I had made a serious mistake.. as I had posted on the net that I had a great dentist Dr. Nadia Michael at LE DENTISTE in Ville La Salle and now she has no time to even see me?

I had been going to this my favorite Dentist at least the last decade..   Dr Nadia Michel   -Academic: Doctor of Dental Medecine , Graduated from:  Université Laval ,  Experience: General practitioner since 1998 ,   Member of l´Ordre des dentistes du Québec ,of the Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec and of the Société dentaire de la Vallée du Richelieu.
Recently they LE DENTISTE in Ville La Salle  had expanded in size, doubled in fact, and there was now evidently even  more competition  amongst the associate staff.   
Now I had just lost a filling in one of my teeth and so I called and asked to make an appointment with my regular, favorite dentist. I was next told that she had gone for a whole Month’s vacation, and they suggested another dentist 2  days later.
Turns out this was now even a big  lie, as my regular dentist was not on vacation for a month, a fact I had easily discovered when I got to the dentist office..
It seems the appointment receptionist that day was rather falsely sheep stealing, passing on client’s to her own favorite dentist unknowingly  behind my own old dentist  Dr Nadia Michael’s  back. 
The new replacement dentist next was even  rude, clearly a  con artist. The replacement dentist she  immediately  told me that she could not provide me her full  services that day, she would have to provide a temporary filling, and I had to take it or leave it, and she instead I had also to agree to her  whole tooth treatment before she even would install the temp  filling.  So I agreed. She installed the temporary filling which even next fell out a few hours later anyway..
The replacement dentist  next gave me a large estimate for the costs of fixing that one tooth.  I told her I would wait for my old own regular dentist to come back from vacation and she would do it for me .
But that is when I found out my own dentist had really not been on Vacation
So I complained even there to the present receptionist staff about how I had been treated, about  all this deception, ruse, bad service, bad dental treatment, very , immoral.
and I awaited an appointment next  with my good dentist who is supposedly going to call me back? but the other receptions still did claim she is booked now for the next 2 months.
So what is the real truth here too now?
Now this is not the first time in my life had encountered an  unscrupulous dentist, at least 5 times before this in 2 different provinces even? . And how often does it go on  now too with others?
Ps The replacement filling that I had paid for had anyway shortly had also fallen out.. not that is really bad service too. http://www.ledentiste.com/eng/ “
I finally a few days later got a call from my great  dentist  Dr. Nadia Michael who made an appointment to fix my filling ASAP. She  Dr. Nadia Michael was unaware of what was happening as she insists that her old customers can always contact her for emergency services and she fixed the filling at 1/10 of the price quoted to me before by the bad new dentist. Now that is decent service..
Now I wish my new Optometrist was  just as great    https://postedat.wordpress.com/2013/06/20/le-lunetier-3189-rue-masson-montreal-quebec-h1y-1y2-telephone-514-522-3680/ they seem only interest in  making a buck quickly to.

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