Psalms 118:24 that “this is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. 




The site U-REPORT BIBLE PROPHECY IN THE NEWS asks that all their readers agree with them, and if you do not agree with them ? they have so little real love that they do they divorce you if you do not play their childish games! and   who is them? what do they all even agree on? is it posted somewhere? where? is it even fixed or does it still vary depending on what church or denomination you are from?


and what about anyone’s free speech to agree or to differ or is that now is only for the selected few as well? Allso they do not argue on the word of God.. but they  do resort to bashing , name calling, slander, funny..


Now every single person has his own interpretation anyway.. that is why we have about 79,000 Christian denominations, and half of all Baptist churches started cause of a split, Plymouth Brethren now as well.. as there is no such thing as a universal prophetic belief anyway and I  do talk to those people I  love.. of course thye clely and wrongfully  hate me for not agreeing with me so they falsely refuse to talk to me… even cause they are childish and carnal..


Now I myself do not agree with everything my brother says but I still talk to him and I also let him talk to me.. that is the reality of both God’s love and the reality of Heaven… There will not be solely one group in heaven..


From childhood I have yet to see the supposedly Biblical  future, prophetic  scripture expositors to agree on the most basic issues, things.. they still do even amongst themselves now do  disagree on so many future prophetic  issues rather.. even as to the supposed basics such as who is the anti Christ? is he an European, Jew, Muslim ?  when will he come? or will Russia realy attack Israel along with China.. is the revived Roman empire the Catholic church or the European Common Market? and we already know how many quacks have falsely set the date of the end of the world now too..

 This futre Bible prophetic study subject is a vast landmine anyway. They seem to be attracted to it like a moth is to a light..

 I also now more interested why some people would spend time on this  subject instead of reading the New Testament and developing their relationship with Christ.

 EVERY SECOND YOU LIVE IS CLOSER TO THE END TIMES.. buit we all do know that and both the Christian AND NON Christians are living all now in the   last times.. for since the day of Pentecost we are all living in the latter days.. yes the last days..Who does not even know that we are all dying? WHAT IS the RELEVANT NEWS RELATED TO THE END TIMES? and  how is any of these last days posts basically even  relevant for as well, as we all anyway do know we are all going to die sooner or later, and what we all do  need more  news to tell us that?

 Now what people realy rather  do now need to know more importantly  is “how to live forever”.. ..  the day a person  has been born he is dying, but he also now also already is spiritually dead, totally  separated from God..  after one dies one next certainly goes to hell.. for almost the majority of persons! So how do they escape from hell?

 Now the the number one comment one gets on the internet when you try to share Jesus Christ with other too, all of the numerous objections are demonically inspired..  you get posts of “do not judge” ,  “you cannot judge me”, or the related to the remark  “one’s faith is a personal matter”, or “who are you to say whether i am saved or not, need to be saved or not?”

 Who are we?  we are people who know the truth cause we have had a direct experience with God.

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I am a Canadian, retired and I do have an Engineering degree, from Concordia University , Montreal 1968, plus I had also now worked as a Re/Max Realtor in Calgary too. I follow Jesus, as per Matthew 2:37 The Old covenant from God is only to the Jews, Israel. Now I am very heatedly involved in both Christianity and politics as well and I am very popular for my Graphic sites. I have Pastored a Church or a few years and have dealt with many many politicians. I am a moderator on two Donald trump political sites on Google+ : Liberty Price, and PRESIDENT TRUMP My own most Popular face book sites are My own most Popular wordpress sites are Canadian Politics American Politics Christian Topics About the Messianic Jews Ocean City, New Jersey USA caribbean-cruise Google Plus I am also a Conversation starter, 1/ 45 most popular posters the last month President Donald J. Trump Supporters Group!


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