Honeymoon over? Obama and the news media..


US President Obama had one of the highest pre-election support of any past American presidents, and  next very high expectations of him doing good  for all of the American people were also associated with him.. but the reality has after the election has turned sour, many of his supporters are not going along with him, and he is finding out that he alone cannot help, run the country.. nor improve the Medicare systems  too.

“Honeymoon over? Obama’s White House sparring with media over health care By Lee-Anne Goodman (CP) –  WASHINGTON — For months, the White House press corps has been accused of having a too-cozy relationship with the Obama administration, a friendship that even featured an off-the-record Fourth of July party at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for some 30 selected reporters. While relations are not yet as tense as they are in Canada between the media and the Prime Minister’s Office, the U.S. brawl over health-care reform is taking its toll on the alleged love-in between President Barack Obama and the reporters who cover him. Obama and those closest to him point the finger at the media for spreading misinformation about White House tactics aimed at winning support for his health-care overhaul. They’re also accusing reporters of focusing too heavily on the raucous outbursts at town hall meetings instead of exposing misinformation. For the second day in a row, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs sparred with reporters Thursday at his daily press briefing when confronted with tough questions about whether the administration is using shady techniques to win support for Obama’s sweeping health-care overhaul. “I hesitate to give you answer, because you might impugn the motives of the answer,” Gibbs said in a tense exchange with one reporter. Fox News’s Major Garrett charged that people who had never solicited emails from the White House have received a message on health-care reform from top Obama strategist David Axelrod, and asked how that was possible. The new White House PR efforts were at the crux of a question Obama himself faced earlier this week in New Hampshire. He was asked about the new White House health-care reform website and an email address that invites Americans to flag any misinformation. “This is another example of how the media ends up just completely distorting what’s taken place,” Obama said. “Suddenly, on some of these news outlets, this is being portrayed as Obama collecting an enemies list.””  http://www.google.com/hostednews/canadianpress/article/ALeqM5jvSmfVTGi843XozFhYM7EuUes9pg

There are likely at least two reasons for this to occur..
while I personally, seriously have not found Obama to be at total fault.. it is clear that the Obama supporters had lied in their active promotion of Obama.. about his virtues.. such as the undeniable lie before his election that Obama does not drink alcohol at all.. now he is an admitted alcoholic social drinker and what next? so the negative truths are coming out.. you cannot hide the lies forever. Be sure your sins will find you out, lies included..
Secondly the news media, at least some of them, like to sensationalize the news, and they tend to know that readers then to like the negative news, to read about the bad scandals, the bad news over the good , over the  positive news so of course to sell newspapers they will be at war even with Obama and many others..
It is not coincidental for me but almost every alcoholic person now is also a major denier, liar.. they lie they are not alcoholic to start of with, they tend to lie as to how much they really do drink, and they tend do not disclose often where the money for the booze really comes from often too. So when I encounter a big liar I also check to see if they are also alcoholic, or when I know they are alcoholic I tend to also know that they are big liars too. THAT IS WHY I WOULDN’T ELECT A LIAR OR AN ALCOHOLIC TO A POLITICAL OR A CHUIRCH OFFICE AS WELL.  Do see also http://thenonconformer.wordpress.com/2008/10/01/let-us-all-stop-electing-liars-or-the-alcoholics/