Honour Killings, Violence, Domestic Violence

An Afghanistanian Muslim Family had  plans to murder daughters, and the first wife  months before: according to the police. The alleged murder of three sisters and a father’s first wife, was preceded apparently by an unfathomable scenario in Canada where the girls’ both parents and brother had conspired in these premeditated murders. Montreal’s Mohammad Shafia, 56, his wife, Tooba Mohammad Yahya, 39, and their eldest son, Hamed Shafia, 18, all of Montreal, are charged with four counts each of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. A relative of the parent   has told the police and reporters that she believes the murders were carried out as so-called honour killings. Many Islamist  extremeists are already well known for their false violent, brutual. murderous terrorsts acts towards any so called opponnets of thier Islamic relgious views.


Most Canadians express rightful, complete outrage at the barbaric murders, “honour killings,” but some in the Muslim community react  in the most predictable fashion: distortions defensiveness and false denial saying  “This has nothing to do with Islam,” FOR the religion of Islam  does not sanction  honour killings.  It is true that Islam’s holy book, the Koran, does not sanction honour killings. But to deny the fact that many incidents of honour killings are conducted by Muslim fathers, sons and brothers, and that many victims are Muslim women, is to exercise total   dishonesty, perversoty for  it is true that the Koran does not sanction such murders, but man-made sharia law, which has been falsely imputed divine status, does allow for the killing of women if they indulge in pre-marital or extra-marital consensual sex. This is exactly  why so many professing Canadian Muslims have opposed the introduction of sharia law in Canada. There is no denying that Islam, in its contemporary expression, is obsessed with women’s sexuality, and considers it a fundamental problem. The hijab, the niqab, the burka and polygamy are all manifestations of this phobia. The mullahs and the mosque leadership may even falsely deny their role in ensuring that Muslim women are second-class citizens within the community, but the undeniable place they reserve for women in the house of God, the Mosque, reveals their actual conviction that Muslim women  are considered not as our mothers or daughters and sisters, but as sexual triggers that may ignite the male passions. Honour killings take place because many  Muslims have been convinced by their mullahs that the burden of their family’s honour and their religion is vested in the virginity of their daughters and sisters. Most mullahs do still acknowledge that according to sharia law, a woman who has consensual sex with a man outside marriage deserves to be lashed in public or stoned to death by an Islamic State or an Islamic court. Not until Muslim clerics and imams seriously abandon their false  notion about women being the possession of men will they really  begin to address the cancer of honour killings, which take more than 5,000 lives in South Asia and the Middle East alone.   At some bookstores, the title of  was : Women Who Deserve to Go to Hell. The book, which is also widely available in British libraries and mosques, lists the type of women who will face eternal damnation. Among them are:
• “The Grumbler … the woman who complains against her husband every now and then is one of Hell.”
• “The Woman Who Adorns Herself.”
• “The Woman Who Apes Men, Tattoos, Cuts Hair Short and Alters Nature.”
 But they cannot have it both ways: proclaiming  women as the source of sin as well as deserving of death for consensual sex, and then try to claim the men who do carry out the death sentence are acting against Islamic law. http://www.nationalpost.com/most-popular/story.html?id=1826529

In general in the more  liberal society of Canada both the wife and the children tend to have much more freedom, rights, make their own decisions,  over many other countries , Such as central and eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa  and as a result the culture shock after moving to Canada can be  a very real problem for some new immigrant husbands  where the husband sees his family role as being obeyed, and being the sole head of the home.   Thus  it’s not altogether uncommon for some of the new Canadian immigrant  home situations to become  unacceptably violent when the dominate husband feels his authority is being undermined.  Wife beatings as a result are common, and children who witness it are severely traumatized, can develop both bitterness and hatred. And it tends to make  the home matters worse where the husband now is also an alcoholic on top of all that.  
 In reality too the Cops themselves, RCMP included, now   are not the only one who resort to violence when their authority is threatened, so do some bad pastors now too..  
I have already experienced in Canada  a  direct physical assault of me by  a rogue Pentecostal pastor who punched me , in front of a witness, cause I had refused to go to his church. An another Pentecostal pastor was attempting to physically abuse me to stop my public revelations of his unacceptable acts, thefts of money too. So  did another member of my family  experience physical attempt  by a Plymouth Brethren pastor.
A rogue  RCMP police officers had now also threatened  to shut me up for good because of my public revelations, exposures of their wrong doing as indicated by me  in the Canmore Canadian Court records .
NOT EVERYONE HAS A HIGH REGARD FOR THE CLERGY, POLICE, RCMP IN CANADA,   Hidden agendas, the world is full of it, many people have hidden agendas, Pastors,, Ministers, politicians, cops  too. Sadly some people they tend  present their own “facts,” but fall short in truthfulness  for they tend to falsely  have a hidden agenda, and often they want to be falsely personally worshipped and live in sin too.  Is 2:22 Cease to trust in [weak, frail, and dying] man, whose breath is in his nostrils [for so short a time]; in what sense can he be counted as having intrinsic worth?