Happy New Year

 A Happy New Year


Wishing you all love, joy, peace, love,



freedom, prosperity, and much more.

and that you at least do not repeat last year’s mistakes..

(Prov 10:22 KJV)  The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.


 Paul Kambulow

Ten reasons why decent people should boycott Canada

Ten reasons why decent people should boycott Canada December 29, 2008 by Kestrel

“One might as well argue that because Canada used to hang convicted murderers by the neck until they were dead the tradition should not be allowed to disappear. Sealing in Canada is not a tradition, it is just an unenlightened, outdated practice.”
J.M. Coetzee, Interview from March 2008

One could say the entire country is just an unenlightened, outdated presence on so many issues due to the anaethetized slumber that seems to have gripped the nation.

Ten reasons for decent people to boycott Canada (there are more)

Refusal to sign a moratorium on bottom trawling.  Bush signed it but Harper wouldn’t even though Canada doesn’t bottom trawl.

Canada’s earth destroying Tar Sands Project, dubbed “the most destructive project on earth.” Here are ten facts about the Tar Sands.

Standard practices in farm animal care in Canada are far behind those of other industrialized countries.

The largest annual slaughter of marine mammals in the world.

Antiquated federal animal protection laws
worse even than many third-world countries.

At the Poznan Climate talks, Canada earned the distinctive title of “Colossal Fossil” for obstructing the talks and also placed next to last in a comparison of countries’ climate change performance.

Canadians are looting the DRC (Congo) for mineral wealth cashing in on the country’s instability to reap huge profits, leaving behind a wake of ecological, human and wildlife costs.

Canada slaughtered 500 trapped endangered narwhal whales
instead of rescuing them.

Cashing in on the American ban on horse slaughter, Canada is fast becoming the horse slaughter capital of the world.

The Canadian government ignored the horrifying abuse exposed at this foie gras factory and did nothing in spite of a campaign for action.

It is easy for a government not to act when so few of its citizens care.


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