Traffic accidents

An Australian study estimates that about  half of all traffic accidents in Australia may be due to road rage and most of  the others related to alcohol, impaired driving and yet the police falsely  tend to pursue revenue generating speeding traffic tickets still and  why? 
 Road rage is a relatively serious act;  it can  be seen as a violation of human and property rights , an  endangerment of  other’s personal well being, security.  Now we know that more  people have accident due to road rage, impaired driving, driving under the  influence of drugs, alcohol  over speeding too and we still do need to  review how much time and resources do the police deal with that  firstly? ” he ” official statistics  showed that only five per cent of crashes are caused by drivers breaking the  speed limit. Drivers who let their attention wander cause more than six times  as many accidents.” Driver error accounted for 66 per cent of accidents..  and add the road rage, impaired, drunk drivers, bad poorly maintained  vehicles to that too .. Most reasonable and  reasoning people have seen the folly of speed cameras for decades now  too.   
The insurance industry itself too  often sleeps with  legislators, cops because it wants to make loads of money by finding out  reasons not to pay out as well.. they support traffic tickets even though they  do not reduce the car accidents significantly cause it gives more money to the  insurance firms,  this is immoral gouging of consumers too often rather  too.. now what about having some honest watchdogs and legislators rather. Go  after the drunk drivers, raise the price of the booze firstly..  SEE ALSO
 Hey even  many cops are lazy, they also do want to be paid  for doing nothing, but merely driving around , speeding too for they get a  rush doing this as  I  have often  witnessed it myself. Too bad  for them they are paid to work still too. Maybe we can outlaw citizens driving  any cars all together that way the cops and legislators too can still   get paid and not have much to do.
Even Premier Dalton McGuinty  at it again?.. Premier Dalton  McGuinty says he won’t be forcing Ontario motorists to use snow tires during  the winter.  not following the lead of Quebec, which introduced mandatory  snow tire legislation.. so he uses another back door.. that will costs the  citizens a lot more money… liability legislation today under the Highway  Traffic Act to hold the supposedly irresponsible drivers accountable,,  Shortage of governmental money means rather  another hidden Ontario tax  too.
A study of the  figures in the British Medical Journal showed a  gap between police  and hospital data  showed a wide divergence in these figures    said one of the authors of the article, Mike Gill, professor of  public health at Surrey University. The Police are known  to lie, and   they try to please their political bosses , to get a raise by generating  revenue from traffic tickets. 
  I call  Commissioner Julian Fantino a liar and I do ask him SPECIFICALLY to prove with  Honourable statistics  that at least 40 per cent of the ROAD crashes are  caused SOLELY because car drivers, truck drivers  are going too fast  in poor road conditions, unrelated to any other factors now  too. We all can play on  statistics anyway we want, but let’s us have the whole truth rather  here  too..
“The Canadian Press  TORONTO – The head of the Ontario Provincial Police says drivers who crash in  bad weather because of their own negligence should have to pay the bill.   Commissioner Julian Fantino will propose absolute liability legislation today  under the Highway Traffic Act to hold irresponsible drivers accountable. This  essentially means making drivers pay for accidents in which they were driving  aggressively in poor weather, not insurance companies  Fantino says at  least 40 per cent of crashes are caused because people are going too fast in  poor conditions and not paying attention.  He says his proposal targets  people “who could care less” about how they are driving when the roads are  bad.   Fantino says his proposal mirrors laws currently on the books  in almost every state in the U.S.” 
 Many people Canada wide do now often  complain about still being harassed, bullied by Traffic cops and getting  unnecessary traffic tickets, especially it seems in Ontario, Alberta too. Cops  are no angels themselves for sure.  
It also seems that  the statistical  numbers  for drunk drivers, accidents too  are still startling, too  high — and split it seems almost evenly for inside the main cities and in the  outlying area where there is less policing too. —   While maybe the  police, RCMP may  have a strong feel for the trends on the roads, for  speeding, accidents, drunk driving and the impaired numbers maybe are  still not causing the police great concern, due to their own priorities and  even due to the differing, often in a not fully reliable way that  the Police, accident data is collected year to year, Canada wide now too,  still the  actual Police statistical values, comparisons are very  difficult,  erroneous still and these statistics reporting they need to  be seriously improved, and the Police themselves even better  managed. 
Now do you really  think that the the majority of the police  who  now are one of  the highest paid professionals are firstly doing their Jobs cause they really  firstly serving,  are looking after the good welfare of the citizens as  they often lie to us and claim they do .. and not cause of the monetary job,  fringe benefits ? I would not bet on it not  even on your  life..   “In reality the  too often self serving, money hungry, promotional and empire oriented police,  and their superiors, bad justice ministers, bad politicians  really do  not care about the citizens good welfare but only their  own”
Now I have  said it for over 3 decades in writing to all too so now call it what you want  but police services generally  it is not about public safety, for it  is  a self employment, empire  building, a false money grab, revenue  generation, hidden taxes..  for if  the cops, the mad RCMP   were now really worried about public safety THEY WOULD FIRSTLY ARREST THEIR  OWN KIND, THE BAD COPS WHO OFTEN DRIVE HOME DRUNK AFTER WORK, COMING HOME FROM  THE POLICE TAVERN, and they would ALSO FIRSTLY  go after the people who  drive reckless, who  fail to stop at the stop signs, or the   traffic stop lights, and go seriously after the impaired drunken  drivers, deal with the unsafe cars whose brakes are squealing cause they need  to be repaired.. etc. Cops , civil and public servants too often become  perverse persons, unacceptable bullies still too. You and I still do not have  to accept such crap.
 Despite plunging sales  in almost every sector, alcohol sales are on the rise in Ontario, British  Columbia and in other provinces over last year . If you drive at twice  the legal alcohol limit you are at least 30 times more likely to cause a road  crash than a driver who hasn’t been drinking. 
Nearly twice as many liquor stores,  relatively cheap booze and a pricing system that effectively discounts drinks  with more alcohol are contributing to a rise in hazardous drinking, says  B.C.’s provincial health officer. The same is true in Alberta and other  provinces. 
More drunk drivers,   motorists are hitting the sauce before hitting the road this holiday  season too. About 1 percent of  the drivers stopped are  charged  with impaired driving offences during the generally only one  month long  Police province wide drunk drivers check stop campaigns .  Sadly there are plenty more drivers who often still do drank like fish   get away during the rest of the year due to the limited number of  police officers participating in check stops the rest of the year. We do  thus know that very few of the actual people who are impaired and on the roads  are caught by police. “The average person who is prepared to drive while  impaired will do it about 80 times a year, repeat offenders causing the  most problems.” “Drunk drivers are still; not  getting the  message, quite frankly, “The average blood-alcohol  reading of those charged was .165, twice the legal limit of .08. The highest  reading was .25, more than three times the limit, ” The  drivers range between 19 and 59 years old. The average age is 35 but a dozen  are over 40. (Older drivers) too seem to be more set in their habits  and  risk-takers also tend to be   resistant to all education  campaigns,” And during the same period over generally ten times more  people now are being charged with failing to to wear seatbelts and Highway  Traffic Act offences over impaired driving, even though it is drunk drivers,   that causes many of the accidents?  All now still  Unsatisfactory.






More alcohol use is a concern for health-care professionals, since it means  more deaths, illness, injuries and hospital visits, meaning added strain on  the health-care system, and additional cost. “There’s 60 different ways in which alcohol can cause premature death and  illness,” 

 PS: Look at this, due to the undeniable Recession, budget and tax cuts,  Municipalities across Canada have  been cutting back even on their services, snow clearing now too, which has been leading up to more car accidents, and cause the police cannot tell the truth about their employers, the police now lie, and divert the truth, saying that speeding vehicles were the cause of most of the accidents. In reality now also  speeding also still is not the main reasons for accidents but driving while impaired is..  


Here there are 2 main concerns, issues
1: The rising alcohol consumption, and the rising taxpayer’s costs of alcohol related sickness, accidents
2: The  still inadequate police, RCMP response to impaired drivers, year around.