Sarah Palin gets loads of free media coverage again


Palin denies accepting $150K in designer clothes Associated Press  Friday, October 24th, 2008 

“Sarah Palin says much of the fuss over the $150,000 worth of designer clothes, hairstyling and accessories the Republican Party bought her is being generated by her gender.She tells the Chicago Tribune a double standard exists. She also says the clothes aren’t worth $150,000 and were bought for the Republican National Convention.Palin says, in fact, most of the clothes have never left the campaign plane and that the whole story isn’t being told.John McCain was asked about the purchases several times on Thursday. Time and again he maintained they were bought because Palin needed clothes, and that they’d be donated to charity after the election.”  “The clothes are a complete NON-ISSUE. Without the clothes, Palin would have been ridiculed for dressing like a country bumpkin, with the clothes, she is ridiculed for spending a lot of money.” More mere hypocristy clearly by the Democrats“It is so good to be back,” Palin said, “A lot in common between Alaska and the Hoosier state. And in fact getting off the plane tonight, and getting out of the vehicle, chilly enough just like it is at home, gotta put a jacket on, you know, in this crisp – and it’s my own jacket from Wasilla, Alaska!”

But the vast US media coverage over her clothes has been much appreciated, it again, continually keeps Sarah Palin in the media spotlight and with the voters. Obama himself would love to have that much free media coverage.. maybe he should get some donated clothes next?

Sarah Palin says clothing budget row is sexist – 2 hours ago
Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin says the clothing debate shows double standards in the election campaign. Photograph: AP vice-presidential nominee herself blamed the row on sexism.
Hockey mom says $150K clothing ‘frugal’ PRESS TV
The case for Sarah Palin’s wardrobe Toronto Star
Sydney Morning Herald – – The Associated Press – The Age
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SARAH PALIN has testified for the first time about her   firing of an Alaska police chief, amid false objections of the cost of her fashion makeover to the Republican campaign. Mrs Palin and her husband Todd yesterday gave sworn depositions about the Alaska firing, which a legislative inquiry said last month was within the law although some would say Mrs Palin had supposedly broken some ethics rules by pushing for her former brother-in-law to be sacked from the state police force. More bad cops should be sacked world wide too.
In an interview with NBC News   Mrs Palin also said she is not thinking about her political future after the election. “As for furtherance in a political career, I’m not even thinking about that, I’m thinking between now and November 4th what it is that we have to do in reaching out to the electorate, letting them know who John McCain is, what we represent and how electing John McCain is the right decision for the future of America,” she said. She still has a goal of being a winner and not a loser. Despite all the endorsements and money, Obama’s lead has really not changed significantly over the last few months. And that lead is not big enough to offset either the last-minute effect of valid Republican counter attacks and the actual votes. These two effects will  still likley  lead to John McCain getting elected. 
In her first policy speech of the presidential campaign, Gov. Sarah Palin also vowed Friday that a McCain administration would allow all special-needs students the choice of attending private schools at public expense, a potentially costly proposal.Palin, the Republican nominee for vice president, also vowed that she and Sen. John McCain would provide public schools the federal money that was promised when the law covering students with special needs was passed in 1975, a pledge aimed to address the top concern of many school districts and one that has been made by many other politicians but never fulfilled.  Palin described the challenge she faced when she found out her son Trig would be born with Down syndrome, but says it has given her a newfound focus to advocate for special needs children. “When I learned that Trig would have special needs, honestly, I had to prepare my heart,” Palin said. “I did a lot of praying for that understanding, and strength, and to see purpose. And what’s been confirmed in me is every child has something to contribute to the world if we give them that chance.” Palin is concerned about children with disabilities, but she is also turning all this into an effective political fire. Today, for she laso has  accused Obama of planning to increase taxes on trust funds set up for children with disabilities.”Many families with special needs children or dependent adults, they’re concerned about in this race our opponent in this election who plans to raise taxes on precisely these kinds of financial arrangements,” Palin warned.               
“One of the most wonderful experiences in this campaign has been to see all the families of children with special needs who come out to rallies and events just like this,” Palin said today in Pittsburgh. “We have a bond there. We know that children with special needs inspire a special love.”You bring your sons and daughters with you, because you are proud of them, as I am of my son,” Palin continued. “My little fella sleeps during most of these rallies, even when they get pretty rowdy. He would be amazed to know how many folks come out to see him instead of me.” “Too often, even in our own day, children with special needs have been set apart and excluded,” said Palin, whose infant son Trig has Down syndrome. “Too often, state and federal laws add to their challenges, instead of removing barriers and opening new paths of opportunity. Too often, they are made to feel that there is no place for them in the life of our country, that they don’t count or have nothing to contribute. This attitude is a grave disservice to these beautiful children, to their families, and to our country — and I will work to change it.”

” In her speech, Palin said the federal government could finance the new investment by taking some of $18 billion it spends each year on earmarks, specific projects that are designated by members of Congress. “That’s more than the shortfall to fully fund the IDEA,” she said. “And where does a lot of that earmark money end up? It goes to projects having little or nothing to do with the public good — things like fruit fly research in Paris, France, or a public policy center named for the guy who got the earmark. In our administration, we’re going to reform and refocus. We’re going to get our federal priorities straight, and fulfill our country’s commitment to give every child opportunity and hope in life.””

No matter what I write about, Sarah Palin  is still the best seller on my sites too.

and many people now what to know what is happening to her now? after the election

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11 thoughts on “Sarah Palin gets loads of free media coverage again”

  1. There’s a point where you start losing, and that point is when all the coverage is negative and the only positive from the campaign is a response. In “Tug-Of-War”, the way to win is to disrupt your opponent’s rhythm and make him simply respond to yours. The Democrats have McCain and Palin responding to attacks, and he’s already off doing other things while we’re distracted. Holding a policy summit. Visiting his sick grandmother. Planning a transition team.

  2. I think that making a big deal out of the price tag of someone’s wardrobe is ridiculous.

    And I am sure Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton didn’t get their clothes from the Goodwill…

  3. This lady is the best rationalizer ever! She says she never did anything to try and get her ex-brother in law fired either, too bad the ethics committtee didn’t agree. She has so many false statements she’s starting to make Bush look decent. I have never seen such a candidate. The GOP should be appalled. They should have had Ridge or Romney, not this women who speaks worse than Bush!

  4. Sexist! Maybe the media is making something of her behaviour.. but what I find interesting is that she has been sold as the ‘hot mama’ by the Republicans and their supporters and then they cry foul after being found out to have complicit in this ‘well dressed, hot young conservative’ deliberate marketing campaign .. what was she brought in for? Two reasons: 1. McCain wasn’t see as Christian enough and 2. they needed some younger blood to draw in all those young conservative (read evangelical) votes.
    Check my blog:

  5. Tks for responding so quickly (18) thenonconformer. I was attempting to say that Palin was called in to fill the gaps that McCain was seen as having in terms of being a significant candidate. Given that the whole political process (whether conservative or liberal) has now become merely a spectacle or some marketing event, then all that Palin could be is an actor in this inane piece of theatre.

  6. Don’t wait for the mainstream media meatheads to mount an attack on Michelle Obama anytime soon. Instead they prefer to compare her style to Jackie-O.

    Michelle Obama is no stranger to high-end fashion. But when you’re the wife of “the one” and a Harvard lawyer who the media adores, the slings and arrows never come. Only praise and foolish fawning.

    Michelle Obama’s closet is apparently overflowing with expensive apparel designed by Chicago designer Maria Pinto. According to a report in the New York Times, “Ms. Pinto, a designer known for luxuriant evening wear, is a favorite of Mrs. Obama, who wore buzzed-about Pinto creations when her husband announced his candidacy and on the night of the notorious fist-bump before his speech claiming the Democratic nomination, among other occasions.” Pinto’s fashions are sold in department stores like Barneys and Saks Fifth Avenue. The same stores where Gov. Palin’s fashions were reportedly purchased.

    She also wore a rasberry and lavender print silk dress from the Thakoon Panichgul Resort 2009 collection, as she embraced her husband on stage at the Democratic convention, when he officially accepted his Presidential nomination. Washington Post’s Robin Givan, in his September 7, 2008 article “First Ladies and the Fabric of the Nation,” estimated the price of Michelle’s Thakoon outfit to be around $1,500. Thakoon’s fashions are sold at Neiman-Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue stores, among other upscale retailers.

    In addition, Michelle Obama’s personal hairstylist is French hairdresser and “celebrity stylist” Frédéric Fekkai. Fekkai is reportedly responsible for her “silky, perfect coif that women just can’t stop talking about.”

    But none of that matters to the mainstream media. It only matters that Gov. Sarah Palin’s campaign fashions are reported—in a manner that is clearly meant to further paint Palin in a negative light and thus help sway public opinon in their thinly-veiled attempts to get Barack Obama elected president.

    That is the real outrage… and ever-lasting shame that rests squarely on the empty heads and slim shoulders of the sickening ”fourth estate” that somehow still passes as “journalists” in today’s professionally corrupt culture.

  7. “Democrats to me are a real loser if all they can talk about is the clothes police policy of theirs..”

    Wow. Are you saying that’s ALL the they are talking about?

    “who paid for Obama to go to Hawaii? etc.,”

    Hmmm, he did.


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